A Government Contractors Guide to Improving Your Capture Process

A Webinar Series Presented by

AOC Key Solutions, Inc. & Federal Schedules, Inc.



Join this three part webinar series to learn best practices on how to build and improve your capture process.  Each webinar will focus on a key aspect of the capture process and will include a spotlight focus on the GSA Schedule. The webinar series will be presented by contracts professionals with 20+ years of government contract experience.

Essential Resources for a Winning GovCon Strategy

June 27, 2017 | 1:00 - 2:00 pm EDT

Our final webinar in this series will focus on the resources your company needs to succeed in the capture management and proposal strategy phase. We will also focus a portion of this webinar on GSA Schedule Contract management - the resources needed and the impact on winning opportunities.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • 5 Essential Resources for the Capture & Proposal Phase
  • Resources Needed for GSA Schedule Contract Management
  • How GSA Schedule Contract Management Can Impact Your Wins

Building an Effective Pipeline

June 20, 2017 | 1:00 - 2:00 pm EDT

A strong pipeline can increase your win rate and ensure efficient use of resources. For small businesses where employees can serve multiple roles, this is particularly important. Don't waste valuable resources on opportunities out of your reach. This webinar will provide best practices for identifying and evaluating opportunities to build a more effective pipeline.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to Utilize Tools (Both Public & Subscription Based) to Identify Opportunities
  • How to Create an Effective Gate Review Process for Pursuit of Opportunities
  • How the Procurement Process Differs Within GSA Schedules
  • What Resources Can Be Used to Identify GSA Schedule Opportunities

Finding Your Fit Within the Federal Market

June 13, 2017 | 1:00 - 2:00 pm EDT

Are you targeting the right agency customers? Success in the government contracting industry starts with an assessment of your capabilities and the market. With a dynamic market, a 5 year old assessment could have your company heading in the wrong direction based upon outdated information.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • Overview of the Current Federal Market, Agency Consolidations, and Trends
  • Scoping Your Capabilities and Past Performance
  • Spending Trends through the GSA Schedules Program
  • How to Research Competition on the GSA Schedules




Presented by


Gina Gallagher

President | AOC Key Solutions, Inc.

Gina Gallagher is the President of AOC Key Solutions. She has more than 30 years of business development and marketing experience in the federal government sector. Before joining AOC Key Solutions, Ms. Gallagher led one of the most successful T4 primes at Systems Made Simple (SMS) and was instrumental in helping SMS win many of its’ large government contracts. She excels in business development strategy and helping contractors find the right opportunities and teaming partners.      Read more.


Melody Giangreco

Executive Contracts Manager | Federal Schedules, Inc.

Melody Giangreco is an Executive Contracts Manager at Federal Schedules, Inc. with nearly 20 years of GSA Schedule Contract experience. Ms. Giangreco leads a team of contracts professionals at Federal Schedules, providing support on all aspects of GSA Schedule Contract acquisition, management, and compliance. She specializes in providing custom GSA Schedule Contract training sessions to contractors. She also served as the lead presenter for GSA's Business Breakthrough workshop series.   Read more.


Jean Watterson

Vice President | AOC Key Solutions, Inc.

Jean Watterson is a Vice President at AOC Key Solutions. She has more than 25 years of program management, marketing, and proposal development experience in the federal government and commercial sectors. Ms. Watterson is also experienced in building robust proposal development capabilities for small and mid-sized companies. She has spent the past 8 years performing full-time proposal development consulting for businesses in the Washington, DC and San Antonio, TX metropolitan areas.  

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